October 29, 2013

Destaque_2Amor e outras...

The Directors’ Week has the honor to present for the first time in Rio de Janeiro the project Single Shot – Desbunde. A sexy-collection of 8 films made by 12 talented directors will all be displayed in Super 8.

The Desbunde project consists not in going back in time, nor missing something that has been gone. It is at the possibility of making once again, in another way, with other eyes. Inviting the old orgies of the past to the voluptuousness of more nights filled with honeyed situations, uncomfortable and intense positions, stretching off private and hot parts. Desbunde is about seeing, miseducating yourself and asking for more. We want more.

Hilton Lacerda and Marcelo Caetano, movie directors, invited the Curta Oito Festival to produce, along with São Paulo Internacional Short Film Festival, a program with films made in a Super8 without post-production edition, and named it Desbunde. In partnership with the curator Fabio Allon, filmmakers and artists were invited to produce  contemporary reinterpretations and re-significations of the 70’s super 8 cinema, to see and produce new versions of the same spirit.