Directed by: Guto Parente and Uirá dos Reis
70min . 2013 . Brazil . Digital


Amianto lives isolated in her own fantasy world, inhabited by her delusions and unbridled hope, where her ingenuity and her melancholy coexist hand in hand. After feeling abandoned by her love (The Boy), Amianto finds shelter in the presence of her dead friend, Blanche, that will protect her against her pain – at least as far as she can. Her inner universe collides with the reality of a world that does not accept her, a world to which she doesn’t belong and that invariably she comes back with her playful delusions, mixing reality and fantasy. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, Amianto gathers strength to continue living in the hope of being happy someday.

Rating: 18 years


Production Company: Alumbramento Executive Producer: Ticiana Augusto Lima b]Producer: Guto Parente e Ticiana Augusto Lima Script and Editor: Guto Parente, Uirá dos Reis Cinematography: Guto Parente Sound: Pedro Diógenes Art Direction and Costume Designer: Lia Damasceno Sound Editor: Érico Sapão Music: Uirá dos Reis Cast: Deynne Augusto, Uirá dos Reis, Dario Oliveira, Rodrigo Fernandes, Rafaela Diógenes, Reginaldo Dias, Bruno Rafael, Danilo Maia, Valentina Damasceno


Guto Parente is a filmmaker and a member of Alumbramento Production Company. He directed the feature films Road to Ythaca (Estrada para Ythaca), The monsters (Os monstros), At the wrong place (No lugar errado) and the short films Flash Happy Society and Dizem que os cães veem coisas.

Uirá dos Reis is a poet, a songwriter and a sporadic filmmaker. He has released many albums, made photocopied booklets, published one book (he has two unpublished books) and composed soundtracks for several films. He loves a candy called “species” and still cries when he watches Never been kissed.