Directed by: Paula Gaitán
125min . 2013 . Brazil . Digital

still5clara choveaux_exilados do vulcao

Synopsis: She was able to save his diary and a pile of photographs from the fire. These sentences and faces are the only traces left of the man she once knew and loved. With the clues at hand, she tries to retrace his steps through mountains and open roads. But the places she’s visits bring out persons, gestures, memories and stories that slowly become part of her life.

Rating: 16 years


Producer Company: Franco Filmes, Aruac Filmes, Mutuca Filmes Executive Producer: Eryk Rocha, Ailton Franco Jr. Produçer: Vitor Graize Script: Rodrigo de Oliveira, Paula Gaitán Cinematography: Inti Briones Sound: Edson Secco Sound Design: Fabio Andrade Art Direction: Diogo Hayashi Costume Designer: Maira Senise Editor: Paula Gaitán, Fabio Andrade Sound Editor: Fábio Andrade, Edson Secco Music: Fabio Andrade, Objeto Amarelo/Carlos Issa Cast: Clara Choveaux,Vincenzo Amato,Maira Senise,Simone Spoladore,Bel Garcia,Lorena Lobato, Bruno Cezario,Daniel Passi, Ava Rocha, Romeu.


THE VOLCANO EXILED is the first fiction film directed by Paula Gaitán, filmmaker, poet, photographer and visual artist who lives in Brazil and who has had a solid career on documentary since 1983, including five feature films, dozens of works of short or medium length in cinema and television, and video-art exhbitions. Selected filmography: Uaka (1989/90); Lygiapape (1991); Diário de Sintra (2007); Monsanto (2008), Vida – Maria Gladys (2009) e Agreste (2010).