Directed by: Maria Augusta Ramos
90min . 2007 . Brazil . Digital


The relationship between youngsters under 18 and the law – poor girls and boys – from the time of their imprisonment until the trial – for theft, traffic and/or homicide. As it is unlawful to identify minors, the roles are played by non-delinquent youngsters living in similar social conditions. All of the remaining characters are real – judges, prosecutors, advocates, family members, and agents from DEGASE – General Department for Socio-Educational Action. The filming followed along with hearings at the Rio de Janeiro II Court of Justice, with visits to the Padre Severino Institute, where the delinquent youngsters are confined. Spectators are led, at the time of judgment, to take apart easy opinions concerning the issue of under-age delinquents.

Rating: 10 years


Production Company: Diler & Associados, Nofoco Filmes Producer: Diler Trindade Script: Maria Augusta Ramos Cinematography: Guy Gonçalves Sound: Pedro Sá Earp, José Moreau Louzeiro Editor: Maria Augusta Ramos, Joana Collier Sound Editor: Denilson Campos Cast: Allessandro Jardim, Daniele Almeida, Guilherme de Carvalho, Isabela Cristina Duraes, Karina Lopes, Marco Aurélio Sant'ana, Wilson Dos Santos, Ighor Dos Santos Villela, Maicon Da Silva Singh.


Maria Augusta Ramos is an internationally awarded documentarist. She was born in Brasília, where she graduated in music from University of Brasília (UnB). She obtained a postgraduate degree in Electroacoustics from the Groupe de Recherche Musicale, in Paris, and a master’s degree in Musicology from City University London. In 1990, she moved to Holland, where she majored in editing and directing at the Dutch Academy of Film and Television. In 2014, for lifetime achievement, she will receive the Marek Nowicki award from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.