Directed by: Maria Augusta Ramos
100min . 2004 . Brazil-Netherlands . Digital


Director Maria Ramos puts a camera where many Brazilians have never been: a criminal courtroom in Rio de Janeiro, following the daily routine of several characters. There are those at work there every day (public attorneys, judges, and prosecutors) and those that are merely passing through the accused. The camera is used as an instrument that sees the social theatre, the structure of power – that is to say, what is, in general, invisible to us. The documentary shows the daily life in the Courts by observing hearings of relatively petty crimes. The filmmaker follows a little closer a public attorney, a judge and professor of law, and a person accused of a crime. The film shows an arena profoundly linked to the society of which it is a part, and with direct consequences on the lives of the people who move through the legal corridors.”

Rating: 16 years


Production Company: Selfmade Films, NPS, Limite Produções Producer: Luís Vidal, Niek Koppen, Jan de Ruiter,Renée Van der Grinten Script: Maria Augusta Ramos Cinematography: Flávio Zangrandi Sound: Valéria Ferro Editor: Virgínia Flores, Maria Augusta Ramos, Joana Collier Sound Editor: Denilson Campos Cast: Carlos Eduardo, Elma Lusitano, Alan Wagner, Geraldo Luiz Mascarenhas Prado, Fátima Maria Clemente, Maria Ignez Kato, Suzana.


Maria Augusta Ramos is an internationally awarded documentarist. She was born in Brasília, where she graduated in music from University of Brasília (UnB). She obtained a postgraduate degree in Electroacoustics from the Groupe de Recherche Musicale, in Paris, and a master’s degree in Musicology from City University London. In 1990, she moved to Holland, where she majored in editing and directing at the Dutch Academy of Film and Television. In 2014, for lifetime achievement, she will receive the Marek Nowicki award from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.