Directed by: Alexandre Veras
82min . 2013 . Brazil . Digital


Linz, a truck driver, is going to an unfamiliar place, which is also unrecognizable. It is a kind of desert with its natural aridness covering both the landscape and the people who live there. Linz nor finds himself strange at all, because he realizes that, besides being his own demise, such circumstantial contingency is also that which generates life. Thus, an impasse with that which is not there anymore among with the ruin of a small coastal village and a nonexistent address set a trap for the body and for history. Linz faces the void, the empty world, the desert and the uncontrolled. Between chance and fatigue, joy and sorrow, meetings and projects, memory and enchantment, he receives the accident as a gift, as a world gesture to him.

Rating: 14 years


Production Company: Alumbramento/Alpendre Executive Producer: Luana Melgaço Producer: Camila Battistetti Script: Alexandre Veras, Manoel Ricardo de Lima Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo Sound, Sound Editor, Music: Danilo Carvalho Art Direction, Costume Designer: Euzébio Zloccowki, Thais de Campos Editor: Frederico Benevides Cast: Delani Lima, Maria Marlene Menezes Façanha Martin, Maria do Livramento Fiuza de Araújo, Anthony Moraes Almeida, Mateus Jose de Moraes


Alexandre Veras is a video maker and director of Alpendre-Casa de Arte, Pesquisa e Produção, where, over the past nine years, he has developed an extensive activity as a curator of film, video and visual arts exhibitions, as well as a coordinator of seminars, courses, lectures and of project NoAr, created to give teenagers video training. Veras is also the head of Alpendre-Casa de Arte, Pesquisa e Produção. Over the past two years, he has given several workshops on video dance and video art in various places in the country. In terms of authorial work, he has been developing researches and productions related to video art, video dance, projected images and video installations. Filmography: As Vilas Volantes – O Verbo Contra o Vento (2005), Marahope 14/07 (2007), O Regresso de Ulisses (2008).