Directed by: Joel Pizzini
101min . 2012 . Brazil . Digital


“Naked Eye” is a film-documentary of long-length of the artistic and existential universe of the singer Ney Matogrosso, which proposes to recreate through archive’s images in counterpoint with the current production of the artist, thirty-five years of career marked for inventive and transgressing spectacles, always symphonize with its time. Through a coherent boarding with its intransigent trajectory, the film intends to translate the language musical-corporal of Ney Matogrosso, trying audiovisuals resources that express signs evoked poetical politicians and in the repertoire of the singer. A film-song that that looks for to, ultimately, embody the voices of an artist who searches for a nation.

Rating: 16 years


Production Company: Paloma Rocha Produções Artísticas e Cinematográficas Ltda & Canal Brasil S/A Executive Producer: Sara Rocha e Paloma Rocha Script: Joel Pizzini Cinematography: Luis Abramo Sound: Ives Rosenfeld e Pedro Saldanha Editor: Alexandre Gwaz e Joaquim Castro Sound Editor: Luiz Adelmo e JLS Facilidades Sonoras Cast: Ney Matogrosso


Author of film-essays, video installations and critical texts. He is counselor for the Escola do Audiovisual in Fortaleza and professor in the Faculty of Arts in Paraná. He was curator for the retrospectives “Faces de Cassavetes”, “Festival Jodorowsky”, “Ocupação Sganzerla”, among others. Directed the films: Caramujo- flor, Enigma de um Dia, Glauces, estudo de um rosto, 500 Almas, Anabazys and Mr. Sganzerla.