Directed by: Léo Bittencourt
61min . 2013 . RJ . Digital


Satellites is a documentary about the passion for soccer told through the points-of-view of characters who were following the final match of the Brazilian Soccer Cup: Flamengo x Vasco. The film moves the focus from the game to the field’s margins, to the fans, to outside the stadium. SATELLITES’ translates the sensation and the atmosphere of being at the Maracanã Stadium on a final match, watching the game with no images of the game itself.

Rating: 12 years


Production Company: Esquina Executive Producer: Julia Murat, Léo Bittencourt Producer: Bruno Prada, Daniel van Hoogstraten
Script: Bernardo Scott, Bruno Prada, Léo Bittencourt Cinematography: André Mielnik, André Pamplona, Bernardo Scott, Bruno Prada, Jorge Cabral, Julio Constantini, Léo Bittencourt, Matias Zibecchi, Pedro Sol, Rodrigo Alayete Cortes Editor: Julia Murat, Léo Bittencourt Sound Editor: Simone Petrillo


He works as director, assistant director, researcher, photographer and camera operator. As director and photographer, he made the documentaries: Satélites (2013) and Dia dos pais (2008). He won the Best Photography award in the 46th Brasília Festival for the film Morro dos prazeres (2013). His most recent works as a photographer includes: Campo de jogo, directed by Eryk Rocha, 4 histórias e meia, directed by Lúcia Murat, and Aprendi a jogar com você, directed by Murilo Salles.