Directed by: Marcos Pimentel
73min . 2013 . Brazil . 35mm

Sopro 03

Synopsis: Breath is a creative documentary about human existence and the mysteries of life and death, seen in the everyday life of a small village in the middle of nowhere, in the countryside of Brazil, where families have lived for years, almost completely isolated from contact with the outside world. Wind, dust, mountains, silence and time… Man and nature live together there in both harmony and conflict, amidst what is and what could be, in the vastness of a landscape grander than vision can grasp.

Rating: Free


Production Company: Tempero Filmes, Anavilhana Filmes Executive Producer: Luana Melgaço Producer: Cristiano Rodrigues Script: Marcos Pimentel, Ivan Morales Jr. Cinematography: Matheus Rocha Sound: Pedro Aspahan Editor: Ivan Morales Jr. Sound Editor de: David Machado


He is a documentarist graduated at EICTV (Cuba), where, since 2009, he has been teaching documentary in a regular course. He graduated in Mass Communication and Psychology (Brazil). In Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Germany), he became a specialist in Documentary Cinema. He is a director, a scriptwriter and an independent producer who has made documentaries for cinema and TV. He lives and works in Belo Horizonte. Breath (Sopro) is his first feature film.