Debate: Moving image in contemporary cinema and art – Contaminations and potencies

We propose a conversation between directors / artists, programmers and curators to think about the uses, ways and roles of moving image in film and contemporary art. At a time when the moving image has no longer cinema as a central arena of debate, from the point of view of production, the boundary between art and cinema seems more and more vague. Categories such as expanded cinema, video art, installation and experimental cinema sound somewhat dated, bearing a kind of romantic belief that the means (re)invent themselves preserving its essence: cinema. Cinema, on the other hand, expanded, experimented, installed, approached art, but remained cinema. Nowadays it seems that it is not just the shape or the proposal of films made by artists and filmmakers that resemble – in fact, both have increasingly in common the traditions with which they dialogue. If artists appropriate themselves of film forms to mediate their interest in other subjects or to promote a general discussion on the status of the image in contemporary society, filmmakers have for a long time no longer seen themselves tied to gender or format conventions to show their films. It is no longer about the history of art on one side and the history of movies on the other, but a mix of both, a contamination. We would like, in this first of – we hope – many other meetings to reflect on the production of moving image beyond the established places, taking the risk to imagine that there is a place that allows itself to dream and create by each work, by each artist.

Confirmed participants of this talk: Fred Benevides (director and artist shown in this festival the shorts Entretempos , in competition, and Livings, in Cine Esquema Novo Expanded), Carlos Adriano (filmmaker and artist shown in this festival the short Untitled #2: La mer larme, in competition), Gustavo Spolidoro (director, curator, programmer of Cine Esquema Novo).

Mediated by Patricia Mourão, film researcher and curator.