Debate: Construction and deconstruction of feminin/masculin identities in contemporary brazilian cinema

How can character and narrative construction in contemporary Brazilian cinema challenge sexual identity stereotypes? How does one collaborate to the complexity of female and male representation – and representativeness – in films? he global movement for gender equality in the film industry is becoming increasingly more outlined in Brazil, where women begin to organize themselves for the discussion of their participation in creating, producing and thinking the current production body of work. Within a vast universe of discussions that unfolds as we question ourselves, we chose to emphasize, in this debate, the importance of the end of the imprisonment of the feminine concept ideal, widely exploited in audiovisual works; as well as the search for deeper and more complex female representations, and at the same time, to question male representations and their subjectivities.


Confirmed debaters: Anita Rocha da Silveira (diretor of Kill Me, Plase), Maeve Jinkings (actress of films such as Neighboring Sounds and Neon Bull) and Ilana Feldman (PhD in Cinema by USP and post-PhD in UNICAMP).


Mediation: Amanda Gabriel (acting coach)