Enlightened Glória

Dir: Will Domingos
21' . Digital . 2015 . RJ


Between the urgency of scape and the wander, Glória makes herself be in the strange drive of the crowd of the living and the night.

Rating 14 years

Will Domingos

He was born in 1991 in São Paulo. He has a master's in film from UFF. He is as director, and also editor and photographer. He directed Warthog (2014), Marrow (2013) and Beloved (2013).


Production company: Farpa Filmes, OSSO OSSO
Excutive producer: Will Domingos
Producer: Will Domingos
Script: Will Domingos
Cinematography: Ana Galizia, Lucas Andrade
Sound: Guilherme Farkas
Editor: Leandro das Neves
Sound designer: Will Domingos
Cast: Flávia Naves, Gunnar Borges, Andrêas Gatto, Érida Castello Branco

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première

(21) 96903-0097