Dir: Silvina Landsmann
100' . Digital . 2015 . Israel/França


The women responsible for the telephone hotline for refugees and immigrants arriving in Tel Aviv work against the clock. They take care of undocumented people rights, give legal advice, check in documents in government offices on behalf of these people and fight for their cause. The camera launches us precisely into the center of these action as we wander through these spaces through various settings.

Rating 16 years

Silvina Landsmann

Born in Buenos Aires, in 1965. She studied film at Tel Aviv University. She directed films such as Bagrut Lochamim (2012), Avo Ba-Mechilot (2007), Machleket Yoldot (2004) and Collège (1997).


Production company: Comino Films, Idéale Audience
Producer: Silvina Landsmann
Script: Silvina Landsmann
Cinematography: Silvina Landsmann
Editor: Silvina Landsmann, Gil Schnaiderovich
Sound designer: Yoss Apelbaum

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Berlim 2015
  • BAFICI 2015
  • Festival Internacional de Hong Kong 2015
  • Melhor documentário israelense / Best Israeli documentary - Festival de Jerusalém 2015