Dir: Leo Pyrata
12' . Digital . 2015 . MG


Imhotep is the pedagogic materialization of disintegrate. The impossibility of permanence of pixels contrasted with the big project of ancient
Egyptian civilization. Anchored by Hermes Trismegistus’ emerald board, it is a secrecy that confirms the dialectical scam of time and space
by the limited sewing of inert language before hyperspace.

Rating 14 years

Leo Pyrata

He is in his last incarnation, resisting in Belo Horizonte since August 28, 1980. He tries to take people, art and the world seriously, but it’s not easy. His last refuge is gif. He is a partner and shareholder of El Reno Fitas. He directed films such as Élégie à Rimbaud (2011) and Cuauhtémoc (2012).


Production company: El Reno Fitas
Producer: Leo Pyrata
Script: Leo Pyrata
Cinematography: Leo Pyrata, Samuel Florindo, Deleo Gama
Editor: Leo Pyrata
Sound designer: Leo Pyrata

Festivals and Awards

  • Fronteira Festival 2015
  • Mostra Wadafocus do Festival Internacional de Curtas do Rio de Janeiro 2015