Je proclame la destruction

Dir: Arthur Tuoto
3' . vídeo . 2014 . SP


Two shots from the movie The Devil, Probably (1977), by Robert Bresson, are repeated in a loop, creating a cyclic and endless raccord. The constant repetition of the phrase “Je proclame la destruction”(I proclaim destruction) reveals an anarchist mantra of universal and timeless power.

Rating free

Arthur Tuoto

Born in 1986. He lives and works in São Paulo. His works have been shown and displayed at events such as Rome Video Art Festival, FUSO - Annual Video Art in Lisbon, Tiradentes Film Festival, Olhar de Cinema Festival, among thers. He directed shorts such as Dead Hands (2012) and In September (2010).

Video Installation

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Berlim 2015
  • Festival Images Contre Nature, Marselha 2015
  • Olhar de Cinema 2015
  • Salão de Abril, Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste 2015