The Mirror

Dir: Rodrigo Lima
64' . Digital . 2015 . RJ


A man is mysteriously called to the entrance gate of an abandoned country home. As if she was coming out of a water mirror, a woman emerges from the mud at the bottom of a lake. As they approach each other, a spell is cast. Together they experience the enchantment of hallucination, memory and dreams. Reflections in the water will reveal secrets hidden in the nature of the soul. A recreation of Machado de Assis’ eponymous tale.

Rating 14 years

Rodrigo Lima

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1975, he has a degree in journalism. He started his career as an editor, working on films such as Julio Bressane’s Cleópatra (2007) and Sentimental Education (2013) or Helena Ignez’ Light in Darkness: The Return of Red Light Bandit (2010). In 2009, he directed his first short film, Para Eva. This is his first feature.


Production company: TB Produções
Script: Rodrigo Lima
Cinematography: Pablo Hoffmann
Sound: Uerlem Queiroz
Art direction: Elaine Soares de Azevedo
Editor: Rodrigo Lima
Music: Guilherme Vaz
Cast: Ana Abbott, Augusto Madeira

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Locarno 2015