What I Could Be if I Were

Dir: Bruno Jorge
101' . Digital . 2015 . SP


In the months preceding the birth of his first child, filmmaker Bruno Jorge records the personal routine he builds with his wife, photographer Fernanda Preto. From memories of the past, an intimate diary and anxieties of the present, Bruno develops with formal rigor a unique and unprotected film-process.

Rating 14 years

Bruno Jorge

Born in Recife, Brazil, butmoved to São Paulo at a very young age. He studied communications through a University program in Brazil and Cinema in France/Belgium. He directed films such as Justice to Insult (2005), The Barons (2008), Beco (2012), Contratempo (2013) and Escola de meninos (2012).


Production company: João de Barro
Excutive producer: Bruno Jorge
Producer: Bruno Jorge
Script: Bruno Jorge
Cinematography: Bruno Jorge
Sound: Bruno Jorge
Editor: Bruno Jorge
Sound designer: Niper Boaventura
Music: Lucas Mayer
Cast: Fernanda Prieto, Bruno Jorge, Malu Prieto

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première