The Bull

Dir: Larissa Figueiredo
78' . Digital . 2015 . PR


On the Lençois Island, in the Northeast of Brazil, Don Sebastian founded his enchanted kingdom. He wanders in the form of a black bull, which bears a star on its forehead. One day his daughter will return to the island, wielding a golden sword.

Rating 16 years

Larissa Figueiredo

Born in 1988 in Brasília. She studied literature in Brazil; cinema studies in France and visual arts/cinema in Switzerland, where she had classes with filmmakers such as Miguel Gomes, Albert Serra and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. She directed The Last Vodunsi (2015), The King (2014), The Waters (2014) and I Went to Cappadocia and I Thought of you (2013).


Production company: Tu i Tam Filmes
Excutive producer: Rafael Urban
Producer: Ana Paula Málaga, João Castelo Branco, Larissa Figueiredo
Script: Larissa Figueiredo
Cinematography: João Castelo Branco
Sound: Bruno Vasconcelos
Editor: Larissa Figueiredo, Rafael Urban
Sound designer: Fábio Baldo
Cast: Joana de Verona, Moradores da Ilha de Lençóis – MA

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Roterdã 2015
  • FILMADRID 2015
  • Lima Independiente 2015
  • Festifreak 2015
  • Festival de Dhaka 2015
  • Cachoeira Doc 2015
  • Mostra CineBH 2015
  • Mostra de São Paulo 2015
  • Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema 2014