Palace Hotel

Dir: Cao Guimarães
4' . Digital . 2015 . MG


José Oncinha, Zé Bão, Sancinho…

Rating 14 years

Cao Guimarães

Born in Belo Horizonte, in 1965. He works on the crossing between the cinema and the visual arts, with intense production since the late 80s. He directed The Man of the Crowd (2013), Otto (2012), Ex-It (2010), Drifter (2007), Accident  (2006), The Soul of the Bone (2004), From the Window of My Room (2004) and The End of the Endless (2001), among others.


Production company: Studio Cao Guimarães
Cinematography: Cao Guimarães
Editor: Cao Guimarães
Music: O Grivo

Festivals and Awards

  • Cine PE 2015 – Melhor montagem
    Best Film Editing