Dir: Henrique Borela
5' . Digital . 2015 . GO


In the backwoods of Goiás, on the slopes of Serra Dourada, along the Rio das Almas, or the Ribeirão das Trombas, beyond the rays of Uruaçu or Formoso, the wilderness was raw and wild for about fifteen years.

Rating 12 years

Henrique Borela

Born in Goiânia, in 1990. He is an audiovisual director, researcher, curator and cultural producer. He graduated in social sciences from the Federal  University  of  Goiás. He works as a researcher in the field  of  anthropology  and  image, and  works  with  film  since  2006. Currently, he is one of the artistic directors of Fronteira Festival. He directed films such as Eu Kalunga (2011) and Sob nossos pés (2015).


Production company: Barroca
Excutive producer: Marcela Borela
Producer: Camilla Margarida
Script: Henrique Borela
Cinematography: Eugênio SIlva
Sound: Henrique Borela
Editor: Henrique Borela
Sound designer: Belém de Oliveira

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première