Qu’ils Reposent en Révolte (Des figures de GuerresI)

Dir: Sylvian George
153' . Digital . 2010 . França


Composed of fragments that refer back and become mixed up with each other, thus creating multiple games of temporality and spatiality, this film shows the living conditions of migrant persons in Calais over a period of three years (July 2007 to January 2010). It shows how the policies engaged by police States extend beyond the law, and cause gray areas and indistinct places between the rule and the exception.

Rating 14 years

Sylvian George

Born in 1968 in France. He studied philosophy, political science and law before becoming a director at the age of 38. In contrast to the immediacy allowed by digital technology, Sylvain took around 20 years between the idea and making his first audiovisual project.And it is perhaps in all that time of reflection where part of the strength of his filmmaking lies.

Once a social worker, he was born for contemporary cinema in 2009 when he presented his feature,L’impossible, at FID Marseille. The following year, ate the same festival, he presented Qu’ilsreposent en révolte (2010), which developed a theme that was present in his previous film: a portrait, in high-contrast black and white, of Calais, where immigrants from all over Africa joined up in the hope of crossing the English Channel and reaching the United Kingdom.

Far removed from any ‘tics’ of social cinema loaded with uncritical sentimentalism, George’s work combines militancy with a flight from documentary realism. Combining the reflective gaze of someone who has thought a lot before picking up the camera, with the violence and urgency of someone who knows that the position of the camera is very similar to that held by someone shooting a weapon, Sylvain shows ins his films an overwhelming and surprising vigor.

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Excutive producer: Noir Production
Script: Sylvian George
Cinematography: Sylvian George
Sound: Sylvian George
Editor: Sylvian George
Cast: Valérie Dréville

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Turim 2011 – Melhor documentário
    Best documentary
  • BAFICI 2010 – Prêmio FIPRESCI
    FIPRESCI Award
  • Festival de Pesaro 2011 – Menção Honrosa
    Special Mention
  • Valdivia 2010 – Prêmio do Júri
    Jury Award
  • FID Marseille 2010
  • Doc Lisboa 2010
  • Festival de Turim 2010
  • Viennale 2010
  • Festival de Milão 2013
  • (entre outros/among others)