Pam Pam Pam Ritual

Dir: Ramon Mota Coutinho
4' . Digital . 2014 . BA


At Caiataia territory, social tribes organize themselves regularly in sounding rituals that replicate the “Pam-pam-pam” or “Song of the angry gods.” Through huge speakers in motor vehicles, thousands of people take part, with dances and drinks, trying to elevate the pleasures of flesh and spirit.

Rating 18 years

Ramon Mota Coutinho

Born in Bahia in 1984, he took part in CUAL - Audiovisual Collective of Urgency. He is a director and also a film critic and develops film clubs with Cine Avuadora. He directed film such as Papai Noel nos molestou (2013) and O caminho mais próximo de casa (2012), among others.


Production company: CUAL – Coletivo Urgente de Audiovisual
Excutive producer: Bianca Muniz, Carlos Baumgarten
Producer: Carlos Baumgarten, Francisco Gabriel de Almeida, Luan S. Marques
Script: Carlos Baumgarten, Francisco Gabriel de Almeida, Ramon Coutinho, Marcus Curvelo, Luan S. Marques
Cinematography: Ramon Coutinho, Marcus Curvelo
Sound: Ramon Coutinho
Editor: Ramon Coutinho
Sound designer: Ramon Coutinho

Festivals and Awards

  • Mostra do Filme Livre 2014
  • Semana do Audiovisual Baiano Contemporâneo 2014
  • Festival Cine Futuro 2015
  • Festival Visões Periféricas 2015
  • Cinecipó 2015
  • Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema 2015

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