Satan Satie

Dir: Juruna Mallon, Lucas Parente
33' . Digital . 2015 . Brasil/França


Fictional self-portrait of the French composer Erik Satie (1866-1925). Based on his writings, biographies, music and drawings, the film unfolds
through contiguous spaces and times that touch and fork, forming a sensitive maze.

Rating 16 years

Juruna Mallon, Lucas Parente

Juruna has a master’s degree in  film from Lille  University 3, and in documentary and visual anthropology from University Paris Ouest Nanterre. He co-directed films such as The Sun Against My Eyes (2013). Lucas is a video artist and  writer.  His  films  cross  genres and formats as video art and fantastic cinema. He directed films such as Carta número 1 (2009) and Ararat (2015).


Production company: Lusco-Fusco
Excutive producer: Juruna Mallon, Lucas Parente
Producer: Daniel Correia
Script: Juruna Mallon, Lucas Parente
Cinematography: Daniel Correia, Guto Parente
Sound: Juruna Mallon
Art direction: Flávia Memória
Editor: Juruna Mallon, Lucas Parente
Sound designer: Juruna Mallon
Cast: Guto Parente, Jules Labrousse, Lucas Parente, Ornella Volta, Samba, Nabil

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première

(21) 2266-1067