Tybalt Dead, Romeo in Exile

Dir: Rodrigo de Oliveira
118' . Digital . 2014 . ES


João is a 32-years-old musician that opts for the isolation of a farmhouse in the Brazilian countryside after Flora, his pregnant wife, breaks up with him. Three months pass and he’s finally ready to make amends with his wife and follow the birth of his son. But then João is surprised by the mysterious appearance of Max, his best friend, who’s been missing for years and was thought to be dead.

Rating 16 years

Rodrigo de Oliveira

Born in 1985 in Volta Redonda, Brazil. He is a film critic, screenwriter and director  graduated  at  Universidade Federal Fluminense. He writes for  Cinética magazine. In 2010, he organized the book Diário de Sintra – Ensaios sobre o filme de Paula Gaitán. He co-write Volcano Exiles, directed by Paula Gaitán, and directed The Vulgar Hours (2012).


Production company: Pique-Bandeira Filmes, Galpão Produções
Excutive producer: Vitor Graize
Script: Rodrigo de Oliveira
Cinematography: Lucas Barbi
Sound: Pedro Diógenes, Hugo Reis
Art direction: Manuela Curtiss
Editor: Luiz Pretti
Cast: Alexandre Cioletti, Rômulo Braga, Sara Antunes, Margareth Galvão, Erik Martíncues

Festivals and Awards

  • Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes 2015

(27) 99293-8085