The Forbidden Room

Dir: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson
130' . Digital . 2015 . Canadá


In a submarine in distress, a lumberjack mysteriously appears to the crew. A neurosurgeon digs deeply into the brain of a manic patient; a murderer pretends to be the victim of his own killings; and a hot bath that seems to have triggered the whole thing. Countless plotlines are structured like the intertwined arms of a spiral nebula. An anarchic frenzy.

Rating 16 years

Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson

Maddin was born in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1956. He is an installation artist, screenwriter, cinematographer and filmmaker. Johnson is a writer and filmmaker. They work together since 2009. Together they directed Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (2015), Cold (2014), Colours (2014), Elms (2014) and Puberty (2014).


Producer: Phoebe Greenberg, Penny Mancuso, Phyllis Laing, David Christensen
Script: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Robert Kothk
Cinematography: Stéphanie Weber-Biron, Benjamin Kasulke
Editor: John Gurdebeke
Cast: Roy Dupuis, Clara Furey, Louis Negin, Céline Bonnier, Karine Vanasse, Caroline Dhavernas, Paul Ahmarani, Mathieu Amalric, Udo Kier, Maria de Medeiros, Charlotte Rampling, Geraldine Chaplin, André Wilms

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Berlim 2015
  • Sundance Film Festival 2015
  • Karlovy Vary 2015
  • Festival de Locarno 2015
  • Festival de Toronto 2015
  • Festival de Londres 2015
  • CPH PIX 2015
  • (entre outros/among others)

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