Dir: João Vieira Torres , Tanawi Xucuru Kariri
15' . Digital . 2015 . Brasil/França


There is

what I see,

what is shown to me,

what I can’t see,

what I don’t see…

I was invited to film a ritual. One that can be shown to foreigners, to “dried-heads” like me. A child of the tribe watchs Disney’s Fantasia on TV. He is interrupted. What the child lives when he dances? What am I able to see from what is shown to me?

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João Vieira Torres , Tanawi Xucuru Kariri

João was born in Recife in 1981. He lives in Paris. He directed films such as Aurora (2014), Os amores antropófacos (2014) and Le Bain (2012), among others. This is Tanawi’s first film as a director.


Production company: Independente
Producer: João Vieira Torres
Script: João Vieira Torres
Cinematography: João Vieira Torres
Sound: João Vieira Torres
Editor: Filipe Afonso, João Vieira Torres
Sound designer: Filipe Afonso, João Vieira Torres
Cast: Cayomy, Indiane, Saporan, Sapucai, Tanawi, Tayna, Toué Aclá, Yaponã

Festivals and Awards

  • Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal 2015
  • Festival Fronteira 2015
  • Olhar de Cinema 2015 – Melhor curta brasileiro
    Best Brazilian Short
  • FID Marseille 2015