Dir: Daniel Lisboa
85' . Digital . 2015 . BA


The film tells the saga of Guima, a young poet who believes he suffers from “solar ultra violence” during the hottest summer in 50 years in Salvador. The alleged disease is caused by the relentless heat that hits the city. Under the marginal eyes of Guima, in a mix of reality and fantasy, the film presents a tropical/chaotic Salvador, as opposed to the stereotypical city seen in postcards, on a journey of a search for a redemptive air conditioning that can rid this contemporary antihero of what suffocates his existence.

Rating 16 years

Daniel Lisboa

Born in 1979, he has a degree in filmmaking and video from the University of Technology and Science of Salvador, Bahia-Brazil. He directed films such as The Cordial Man’s End (2004), The Sarcophagus (2010), A anti performance (2012) e O sangue de Jesus tem dendê (2015), among others.


Production company: Cavalo do Cão Filmes
Excutive producer: Tenille Bezerra
Producer: Tenille Bezerra, Daniel Lisboa
Script: Daniel Lisboa, Guilherme Sarmiento
Cinematography: Pedro Urano
Sound: Ana Luiza Penna
Editor: Eva Randolph, Daniel Lisboa
Sound designer: Edson Secco
Music: Gilberto Monte, Lucas Santtana
Cast: Gabriel Pardal, Manu Santiago, Fabricio Boliveira

Festivals and Awards

  • Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema 2015
  • Mostra de São Paulo 2015

(71) 9696-2809