Twenty-eight Nights and a Poem

Dir: Akram Zaatari
120' . Digital . 2015 . Líbano/França


28 Nights and a Poem is an interpretation of the archive of the Sheherazade photo studio. Photographer Hashem el Madani opened the studio in 1953 in the Lebanese city of Saïda after spending years photographing people in front of their shops, in public squares or at the beach to satisfy their wish to appear before the camera.

Rating 16 years

Akram Zaatari

Born in Saida, southern Lebanon in 1966. He studied Architecture in Beirut and Media Studies in New York. He directed films such as Beirut Exploded Views (2014), The End of Time (2013), Tomorrow Everything Will Be Alright (2010) and Al-Yaoum This Day (2003).


Producer: Akram Zaatari
Script: Akram Zaatari
Cinematography: Akram Zaatari, Bassem Fayad, Mark Khalifeh
Editor: Jowe Harfouche
Sound designer: Rana Eld
Music: Nadim Meshlawi

Festivals and Awards

  • Film/Think:Film Award - Festival de Berlim 2015, New Horizons Film Festival 2015

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