Dir: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco
70' . Digital . 2015 . RJ


Fernando, a young lonely teenager, lives in a small room at Josia’shouse since he was a child. One morning, Josias suffers an attack while violating the young man. Stunned, Fernando does not know how to react in view of his unexpected freedom. Exposing the complexity of human behavior in extreme situations, the film aims to discuss pedophilia issues.

Rating 18 years

Bernardo Cancella Nabuco

He was born in 1982, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and works as a lawyer and a filmmaker. First, he graduated in law at the State University of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ. After that, he also graduated in film direction at the Brazilian Institute of Audiovisual – IBAV (Darcy Ribeiro Cinema School). He directed the short film Iuri (2012).


Excutive producer: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco
Producer: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco, Bruna Boyd
Script: Bernardo Cancella Nabuco, Leandro Bacellar
Cinematography: Fernando March
Sound: Ricardo Mansur
Editor: Helena de Andrade, Felipe Kusnitzki
Sound designer: Ricardo Mansur, François Wolf
Cast: Nicolas Sambraz, Gerson Delliano

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première

(21) 99922-4477