Dir: Frederico Benevides
21' . Digital . 2014 . RJ/CE


Fortaleza is one of many cities in Brazil that is going through a process of “Miamization”, which raises an armored layer unsurpassable by most of its inhabitants. Moreira Campos was a writer who had a surgical eye for the specificities present in the locals’ art of living, that now disappear without a trace. His house was demolished to build the thousandth shopping center parking lot in the city.

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Frederico Benevides

He is a director and editor and a substitute editing teacher at the  film department  of  UFF,  and master of film and audiovisual studies at the same university. He directed films such as Visita ao filho (2014), As corujas (2009) and Estado de Sítio (2007), among others.

Video Installation

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Berlim 2015

(21) 980910734