Dir: Vladimir Seixas
98' . Digital . 2015 . RJ


New forms of insurgency and unrest on the fragments of the actions of some artists and activists. The recording of confrontation has its strongest expression in the performance. We see echoing clashes in a series of images. The cry begins before the other ends.

Rating 18 years

Vladimir Seixas

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1981. He graduated in philosophy from UERJ  and  film  directing  from ECDR.  His  first  short,  Hiatus (2008), was selected for national and international festivals and received 12 awards. He directed shorts as Black Noise (2009) and Clash (2009) and the feature documentary Behind the Door (2010).


Production company: Couro de Rato
Excutive producer: Vladimir Seixas
Script: Vladimir Seixas
Cinematography: Coletivo
Sound: Coletivo
Editor: Vladimir Seixas
Sound designer: Vladimir Seixas
Cast: Adriana Facina, André Liohn, Apurinã, Arthur Moura, Carlos Pronzato, Chapolim, Enric Duran, Guilherme Chalita, Carlos Latuff, Luis Carlos de Alencar, Patrick Granja, Rafucko, Silvio Tendler, Virgínia Fontes, Coletivo AnarcoFunk, Coletivo Coiote, Bloco Reciclato

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première

(21) 99304-2656