Programmers Partners

Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay

“The Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay was created by the Uruguayan cinemateque in 1981. From that modest festival, which screened 14 films in only one movie theater, to its current edition, featuring over 250 films in seven movie theaters as well as travelling screenings, 33 years of discoveries, tributes, retrospectives and parallel film exhibitions have gone by. In this journey, the festival has become a privileged place for high quality Latin American and world cinema.”

In this fifth year as a partner, the Festival will screen the winner of the Best Feature Film awarded by the 6th Directors’ Week official jury.

The Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay will take place between march 22 and april 3th, 2016.

IndieLisboa (Portugal)

“IndieLisboa is an international film festival held annually in Lisbon since 2004. It features films from all genres and formats. Its program includes films by national and foreign directors, whose selection is based on originality, quality and relevance. These films reach the general public and the industry professionals for the first time through the festival, which takes place in several Lisbon cultural centers, promoting urban dynamics of these cultural centers, that is, circulation of people and appropriation of the city. These have been the cause of the audience growth and diversification since its first edition. In 2014, the festival had a record number of entries: 4.000 titles, including short and feature films from around the world.

In this third year as a partner of Directors’ Week, IndieLisboa will screen one of the competing feature films, selected by its curatorial staff.”

Tonalá (México)

“Tonalá is a movie theater located in Mexico City that screens mainly the new Mexican and international independent cinema. Recently it started to distribute films to other movie theaters in the country, expanding their circuit.”

In this fourth year as a partner of Directors’ Week , Cine Tonalá will screened The Directors’ Week Best Feature Film, according to the official jury, and will be distributed to other movie theaters in Mexico.