An open Week – past roads, present choices, future possibilities

It is curious to notice how the perceptions of filmmakers about the processes of a festival can be so off the reality of those producing it. Expectations, visions and experiences can be surprisingly different between so closed and connected factors.

The Week is 7 years old and we are constantly permeate by each edition’s experience, by each year’s group of productions, by the new paths that emerge in the relationship between context and desire.

As we are aware that, in recent times, we have engineered in several changes and that several others are yet to come, we propose a conversation on the roads we built and on future possibilities for the festival.

We see the Week as a result of generational movement, and we want to expand the field of exchange around what is a vital place for local circuit.

The conversation will start with Daniel Queiroz and Lis Kogan, curators of 8th Week, and we invite everyone to take part.

26/11 SÁBADO às 11h
Local: Aliança Francesa – Rua Muniz Barreto, 730