Where I Grow Old

Dir: Marília Rocha
Mostra: Specials Screenings
99' . digital . 2016 . Brasil/Portugal


Francisca, a young Portuguese woman living in Brazil, welcomes Teresa, an old acquaintance she’d lost contact with, into her home. While Teresa is discovering the place where she means to settle, Francisca misses her life back in Lisbon. The film follows each woman’s adventures in the city and the deep bond of friendship that grows between them, forcing them to deal with conflicting desires: a will to leave for an unknown country and a relentless longing for home.

Rating 12 years

Screening: november 30 at 21h30

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Anavilhana Filmes, Terratreme Filmes
/ Production company

João Matos
/ Producer

Marilia Rocha, Joao Dumans, Thais Fujinaga
/ Script

Ivo Lopes Araújo
/ Cinematography

Gustavo Fioravante, Carlos Abreu, Tiago de Matos
/ Sound

Thais de Campos
/ Art direction

Thais de Campos
/ Costume designer

Francisco Moreira
/ Editor

Elizabete Francisca, Paulo Nazareth, JonnataDoll, Neguinho Wederson dos Santos
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival de Roterdã 2016
  • Melhor filmes - Festival BiarritzAmérique Latine 2016


Marília Rocha

She was born in 1978, in Goiás, but live in Minas Gerais. She holds a master's degree in Social Communication and is co-founder of the collective Teia (and a member up to 2013). She directed films such as Cattle Callers (2005), Acácio (2008) andLike Water Through Stone (2009).