Like Water Through Stone

Dir: Marília Rocha
Mostra: Retrospectiva Marília Rocha
85' . digital . 2009 . Minas Gerais


During the winter, in the Espinhaço Mountains, a group of small-town Brazilian girls are experiencing the end of their youth. Impossible romances leave marks on their bodies and the surrounding landscape. In between conversations and daily duties and pleasures, each of the friends find her own particular way to overcome the loneliness and to live within a tangle of uncertainty regarding their future.

Rating 12 years

Screening: november 30 at 17h

Compre seu ingresso


/ Production company

Luana Melgaço
/ Producer

Alexandre Baxter, Ivo Lopes Araújo
/ Cinematography

Francisco Moreira, Marília Rocha
/ Editor

O Grivo
/ Sound designer

Arthur H.
/ Music

Alessandra Ribeiro, Shirlene Rodrigues, Valdênia Ribeiro, Paloma Campos
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • 39º Festival de Roterdã
  • 6º Kinoteatr.doc – Festival de Cinema Independente de Moscou
  • 42º Festival de Brasília
  • 51º Festival dei Popoli – Festival Internacional de Documentário
  • 22º Festival de Cine de Viñadel Mar
  • 29º Festival Internacional de Uruguai
  • VisionsduRéel: tributo à Marília Rocha
  • entre outros

Marília Rocha

Marília Rocha works in Belo Horizonte, the city where she was born. She directed Cattle Callers (2005), best film at the It’s All True festival; Acácio (2008) and Like Water Through Stone (2009), best film at the São Paulo Latin-American Film Festival. In 2011, Dockanema, in Mozambique, held a retrospective of her work, and she received a tribute at the Visions du Réel festival, in Switzerland, which also screened her work. She was a founder of production center Teia, of which she took part for 10 years. Currently, she is a partner of Clarissa Campolina and Luana Melgaço at Anavilhana Filmes.


Cattle Callers (2005)
Dead End (2007, curta-metragem/short)
Acácio (2008)
Like Water Through Stone (2009)
On the Move (2011, série de TV/TV series)
Lugar 1 (2011, instalação/installation)
When I Grow Old (2016)