Tropical Curse

Dir: Luisa Marques, Darks Miranda
Mostra: Director’s from Rio
14' . digital . 2016 . Brasil


A sciencefictionfromthe past. A frictionbetweentwonation-buildingprojectsforged for Brazil in the mid-20th Century: oneis a tropical imagerypersonifiedbythesingerandactress Carmen Miranda; anotheroneis a late modernismestablished in Brazilbytheendofthe 50′s, beginningofthe 60′s, embodied in Rio de Janeiro by Flamengo Park.

Rating free

Screening: november 25 at 17h


Luisa Marques
/ Script

Artur Cunha, Luisa Marques
/ Cinematography

Luisa Marques
/ Editor

Orlando Scarpa Neto
/ Sound designer

Orlando Scarpa Neto
/ Music

Darks Miranda
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Mostra Imagens em Movimento 2016
  • Cine Esquema Novo 2016

Luisa Marques, Darks Miranda

Luisa was born in Fortaleza, in 1985, but lives in Rio de Janeiro. She directed short films such as Corpo no céu (2008) and Manassé (2009). As an editor, she received awards for I Touched All Your Stuff (2014). Darks is a slapstick entity from the darkness. It made its first appearance in 2012, when it balanced fruits on top of its head.