Dir: Marília Rocha
Mostra: Retrospectiva Marília Rocha
73' . digital e Super-8 . 2005 . Minas Gerais


In countryside of Brazilian, in outback semiarid areas, cowboys preserve their age-old customs, communicating with their cattle in a form of plaintive singing. The chant resounds an improvised, ancient form that is an entrance to the life and the imaginary of the ancient Brazilian cattle drivers.

Rating free

Screening: november 28 at 17h

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/ Production company

Helvécio Marins Jr, Marília Rocha
/ Producer

Leandro HBL, Marília Rocha
/ Cinematography

Fred Paulino
/ Art direction

Clarissa Campolina
/ Editor

Bruno do Cavaco
/ Sound designer

O Grivo
/ Music

Festivals and Awards

  • Melhor longa brasileiro – 10º Festival Internacional É Tudo Verdade
  • Melhor trilha sonora e edição de som - 9º CinePE Mostra Internacional de Documentários do MoMA – Museu de Arte Moderna de Nova York
  • 21º Festival Internacional de Cinema de Guadalajara
  • 41º Festival Internacional de Cinema de Karlovy Vary
  • Panorama Brasil Coisa de Cinema 2005
  • Indie2005 – Mostra de Cinema Mundial Festival do Rio 2005
  • VisionsduRéel: tributo à Marília Rocha
  • entre outros

Marília Rocha

Marília Rocha works in Belo Horizonte, the city where she was born. She directed Cattle Callers (2005), best film at the It’s All True festival; Acácio (2008) and Like Water Through Stone (2009), best film at the São Paulo Latin-American Film Festival. In 2011, Dockanema, in Mozambique, held a retrospective of her work, and she received a tribute at the Visions du Réel festival, in Switzerland, which also screened her work. She was a founder of production center Teia, of which she took part for 10 years. Currently, she is a partner of Clarissa Campolina and Luana Melgaço at Anavilhana Filmes.


Cattle Callers (2005)
Dead End (2007, curta-metragem/short)
Acácio (2008)
Like Water Through Stone (2009)
On the Move (2011, série de TV/TV series)
Lugar 1 (2011, instalação/installation)
When I Grow Old (2016)