Dir: Marília Rocha
Mostra: Retrospectiva Marília Rocha
88' . digital . 2008 . Minas Gerais


After thirty years living in Angola, the Portuguese ethnologist Acácio Vieira, along with his wife Maria da Conceição, moves to Brazil, bringing with him an extensive archive of the life of people of Angola and Portuguese colonizers. Weaving memories, images and personal stories, the film embarks on an affectionate journey of the couple’s past, while reconstructing historical and political links of the three countries in which they lived.

Rating free

Screening: november 29 at 17h

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/ Production company

Diana Gebrim Costa, Glaura Cardoso Vale
/ Producer

Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha
/ Script

Clarissa Campolina, Marília Rocha
/ Cinematography

Pedro Aspahan
/ Sound

Clarissa Campolina
/ Editor

O Grivo
/ Sound designer

O Grivo
/ Music

Acácio Videira, Maria da Conceição Videira, GambôaMuatximbau.
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • 38º Festival de Roterdã
  • 11º BAFICI
  • 7º  DocLisboa
  • SANFIC5 – Santiago Festival Internacional de Cine
  • 13º Festival de Lima
  • 32ª Mostra Internacional de Cinema em São Paulo
  • 12ª Mostra de Tiradentes
  • 13º – Festival Internacional do Filme Documentário e Etnográfico
  • I Semana dos Realizadores
  • VisionsduRéel: tributo à Marília Rocha
  • entre outros

Marília Rocha

Marília Rocha works in Belo Horizonte, the city where she was born. She directed Cattle Callers (2005), best film at the It’s All True festival; Acácio (2008) and Like Water Through Stone (2009), best film at the São Paulo Latin-American Film Festival. In 2011, Dockanema, in Mozambique, held a retrospective of her work, and she received a tribute at the Visions du Réel festival, in Switzerland, which also screened her work. She was a founder of production center Teia, of which she took part for 10 years. Currently, she is a partner of Clarissa Campolina and Luana Melgaço at Anavilhana Filmes.


Cattle Callers (2005)
Dead End (2007, curta-metragem/short)
Acácio (2008)
Like Water Through Stone (2009)
On the Move (2011, série de TV/TV series)
Lugar 1 (2011, instalação/installation)
When I Grow Old (2016)