The Carnivore

Dir: Arthur Tuoto
Mostra: Competition
63' . digital . 2016 . Paraná


After being found by extraterrestrial beings, a survivor of a mysterious incident that decimated part of the human race tries to make sense of the events that led Earth to its tragic fate. Composed entirely of public domain found footage material, the film is an adaptation of the science fiction short story “The Carnivore”, by Katherine MacLean

Rating 12 years

Screening: november 27 at 19h30

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Arthur Tuoto
/ Producer

Arthur Tuoto
/ Editor

Arthur Tuoto
/ Music

Festivals and Awards

  • Festival Olhar de Cinema 2016

Arthur Tuoto

Born in 1986. Heis a Brazilian filmmaker and visual artist. His films and video installations screened at festivals and exhibitions such as Berlinale, BAFICI, Videonale, Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, Festival de Brasília, among many others.