Corpos políticos

Dir: Coletivo Mulheres Audiovisual PE
Mostra: CachoeiraDoc Programa Vagalumes
4' . 2016 . Pernambuco


Brazilian media echoes and gives space to old fascist, chauvinist and backward speeches, while on the streets another cryis more urgent. We are the new politic. A pulsating political-body! Feminism is revolution!

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 29 at 15h

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Coletivo Mulheres Audiovisual PE

Collectivecreativegroup Mulheres Audiovisual Pernambuco constitutesofDea Ferraz, Maíra Iabrudi, Lu Teixeira, Rapha Spencer, Sá Luapoand Camila de Carvalho.