Dir: Mari Cavalcanti
Mostra: Director’s from Rio
7' . digital . 2016 . Rio de Janeiro


The rotten ruins of failed good education chickens out when faced with the quakes of the 2000 generation.

Rating free

Screening: november 25 at 17h


Monique Rocco
/ Producer

Mari Cavalcanti
/ Script

Guilherme Tostes
/ Cinematography

CainãBomilcar, Marcelo Mudou
/ Sound

Vinícius Couto
/ Art direction

Vinícius Couto
/ Costume designer

Heloísa Duran, Vinícius Nascimento
/ Editor

Davi Neves, Cibele Costa
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • World Première


Mari Cavalcanti

Born in Aracajú, Sergipe, in 1992. She moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2013 to study audiovisual at UFRJ. She produces through the independent queer label AnarcaFilmes. She currently studies film, at her 4th year at Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3. This is her first short film.