Estou aqui

Dir: Louise Botkay
Mostra: CachoeiraDoc Programa Encantarias
7' . 2015 . Brasil


I spent my childhood at Cap-Haïtien, a commune on the north of a Caribbean half-island known as Haiti. The memories and experiences of this mysterious, warm place will always be entrenched in my life. I feel as if everything I am comes from that light, that wind, that land, that creole childhood.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 30 at 15h

Compre seu ingresso

Louise Botkay

Louise was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1978. She studied at the French National Film School (La Fémis). She directed films such as Vertières I, II, III (2014), Super Freeze (2011), Sève (2011), 4Portes (2009), Mammah (2008) and Fofô Niamey (2007).