There is Land!

Dir: Ana Vaz
Mostra: Competition
13' . 16mm . 2016 . Brasil/França


There is Land! is an encounter, a hunt, a diachronic tale of looking and becoming. As in a chase, the film errs between character and land, land and character, predator and prey.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 26 at 19h15

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Spectre Productions, La Fabrique Phantom
/ Production company

Olivier Marboeuf, Ana Vaz
/ Producer

Ana Vaz
/ Cinematography

Ana Vaz
/ Sound

Festivals and Awards

  • BFI London 2016
  • 54oFestival de Nova York
  • Festival de Toronto 2016
  • Festival de Melbourne 2016
  • Festival de Curtas de Belo Horizonte 2016
  • T-Mobile New Horizons 2016
  • Olhar de Cinema  2016
  • Festival de Edimburgo 2016
  • Cinémadureel 2016
  • entre outros

Ana Vaz

Born in Brasília, in 1986. She is a visual artist and filmmaker, graduate from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, with a master’s degree in film and visual arts from Le Fresnoy, in France. She directed films such as SacrisPulso (2008), Les Mains, Négatives (2012), Aidade da pedra (2013), A Film, Reclaimed (2015) and Occidente (2014).