Dir: Yasmin Thayná
Mostra: CachoeiraDoc Por um cinema negro no feminino 1 Sessão Adélia Sampaio
23' . 2015 . Brasil


A sensitive look on the real life racism as experienced every day by black women. The finding of an ancestral force that emerges from their curly hair, transcending the whitewashing.A subjective exercise of self-representation and empowerment.

Rating 16 years

Screening: november 27 at 16h

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Yasmin Thayná

YasminThayná studies social communication at PUC-Rio and is interested in digital culture, communications, cinema, literature, race and gender. She attended the EscolaLivre de Cinema at Nova Iguaçu, was researcher of state policies at FGV and, sinceshe was 16, writes and produces short films.