The Strange Case of Ezequiel

Dir: Guto Parente
Mostra: Competition
71' . digital . 2016 . Ceará


After the sudden death of his wife, Ezequiel lives sad and resigned in solitude. Until the day an ET appears in his life and completely changes the color of his destiny.

Rating 14 years

Screening: november 26 at 19h15

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Tardo Fimes
/ Production company

Ticiana Augusto Lima
/ Producer

Guto Parente
/ Script

Filipe Acácio
/ Cinematography

Danilo Carvalho, Lucas Coelho
/ Sound

Euzébio Zloccowick
/ Art direction

Ricardo Pretti
/ Editor

Rodrigo Fernandes
/ Music

Euzébio Zloccowick, Nataly Rocha, Caio Dias, Irene Bandeira
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Olhar de Cinema 2016
  • Cine Ceará 2016

Guto Parente

Bornin Fortaleza, in 1983. He made seven shorts and six features – Road to Ythaca (2010), The Monsters (2011), At the Wrong Place (2011), DoceAmianto (2013),The Mysterious Death of Pérola (2014) andThe Strange Case of Ezequiel (2016).