The Birds are Busy  

Dir: Diogo Oliveira, João Vieira Torres
Mostra: Competition
70' . digital . 2016 . Rio de Janeiro


José Mauro is nervous about leaving his old apartment. Hilda and him will move to a place where everything will be new again, after 35 years living together. Hilda doesn’t know what to do with the objects from that house, that was never really hers; and from where José Mauro has not left for the past 20 years. What is left behind will be packed and the old mattresses will be thrown away.

Rating 12 years

Screening: november 24 at 21h45


Diogo Oliveira, João Vieira Torres
/ Producer

Diogo Oliveira, João Vieira
/ Script

Camila Freitas
/ Cinematography

Thierry Bartomeu
/ Sound

Diogo Oliveira, João Vieira Torres
/ Editor

Com Hilda Atanazio, Diogo Oliveira
/ Cast

Festivals and Awards

  • Olhar de Cinema 2016
  • Festival de Brasília 2016

Diogo Oliveira, João Vieira Torres

Diogo born in Rio de janeiro. Based in Paris. He directed sorts such as Peixe (2013) and

Impaired senses (2015). He is developing his second feature film Playground.

João was born in Recife in 1981. He lives in Paris. He directed films such as Aurora (2014), Osamoresantropófacos (2014), LeBain (2012 and Toré (2015).