Taego Ãwa

Dir: Henrique Borela, Marcela Borela
Mostra: Competition
75' . digital . 2016 . Goiás


Five VHS tapes found in the closet of a college trigger the desire of this film. Years later, armed with more records, we meet the AWA on Bananal Island. We carry with us the memory of the exile to which was exposed the Tupi people who most resisted colonization in Central Brazil. The images were seen, felt and more images appeared within this meeting amid the struggle for their land, TaegoÃwa.

Rating 10 years

Screening: november 25 at 19h15


Barroca, F64 Filmes
/ Production company

Marcela Borela, Belém de Oliveira
/ Excutive producer

Carlos Cipriano
/ Producer

Henrique Borela, Marcela Borela
/ Script

Vinicius Berger
/ Cinematography

Belém de Oliveira, Guile Martins
/ Sound

Guile Martins
/ Editor

Festivals and Awards

  • Mostra de Tiradentes 2016
  • 1º Fincar - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Realizadoras
  • Pirenópolis.Doc 2016
  • Melhor filme pelo júri oficial - VII Cachoeira.Doc
  • Festival de Brasília 2016
  • entre outros


Henrique Borela, Marcela Borela

Henrique and Marcela are siblings. He is 26, was born in Goiânia, and is a director, researcher, curator and cultural producer. She is 32, was born in Minas Gerais, and wrote and directed films such as Mudernage (2010). Together, they are the directors of Fronteira – International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival, alongside Camilla Margarida and Rafael Parrode.