For a Black Cinema by Women

In 2015, when we held a panel called Construction and Deconstruction of Female in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema, we were side by side with a growing feminist mobilization. Yasmin Thayná was invited for that even and, due to commitments that took her to Africa, she unfortunately could not be present. She sent us, however, a letter that was read during the panel.

In this letter, Yasmin set a straight point: she said that, when looking at the filmmakers selected for our 7th edition, she had been happy to see that André Novais de Oliveira’s film was opening the event. However, when checking each photo on our website, it was clear that there was not even one film directed by a black woman. She was not suggesting that the festival programming should be made from photos, but that each one of us should stop and think on this issue and ask ourselves how we got here.

Since then, we have been craving to answer Thayná’s challenge and the meditation she proposed. That is why we are more than happy to present the With Women program, presented by Cachoeira Doc Festival, in this year Directors’ Week. This way, we can begin to contemplate this conversation.

For a Black Cinema by Women is the title of the program that Janaína Oliveira, a researcher on black cinema, took to Bahia. Yasmin, whose film Kbela was shown in the program, took part also as a curator, presenting Amor maldito, a film that Adelia Sampaio directed in 1984 – which gives her the title of first Afro-Brazilian woman to ever direct a feature film.

Thus, from the encounter between those three women, we will open ourselves to this structural, essential and urgent issue, right after the screening of Yasmin’s and Adélia’s films.

27/11 DOMINGO às 19H45
Local: Espaço Itaú de Cinema – Praia de Botafogo, 316