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Estou aqui

dir: Louise Botkay
7' . 2015 . Brasil

I spent my childhood at Cap-Haïtien, a commune on the north of a Caribbean half-island known as Haiti. The memories and experiences of this mysterious, warm place will always be entrenched in my life. I feel as if everything I am comes from that light, that wind, [...]

Novo ano

dir: Louise Botkay
3' . 2010 . Brasil

A kiss on the train of [...]


dir: Louise Botkay
6' . 2009 . Haiti

A diving with opens eyes into a voodoo [...]


dir: Louise Botkay
8' . 2016 . França

In the warmth of a women’s hammam (Turkish bath), inside the big mosque, life goes on suspended. In the perks of the afternoon, a trip through the hammam at the Paris [...]

Vivo e Morro dos Prazeres

dir: Louise Botkay
7' . 2016 . Brasil

A cinematic gesture transpiring maternity. [...]


dir: Louise Botkay
11' . 2010 . Haiti

When you least expect, the encounter happens and brings many dreams. A teenage girl is introduced to the mysteries of Haitian [...]

Vertières I, II, III

dir: Louise Botkay
10' . 2014 . Brasil

Vertières is the neighbourhood in the city of Cap-Haïtien where, in 1803, there was a battle that culminated in Napoleon’s army being expelled from Haiti. It was the first country to achieve its independence in the face of powerful [...]

Mains propes

dir: Louise Botkay
8' . 2015 . Chade

In the post-colonial era, the poor countries are still subject to the same group of nations that colonized them. There are international cooperation to help the poorest countries, leaving the air a smell of infinite dependency. This film is this dependency and also [...]

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