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November 23rd, 2012  |  by  |  published in Notícias, Principal

The IV Director’s Week opened with a beautiful screening followed by a wonderful party in November 22nd. From now on, we’ll have debates at 5pm and screenings from 7pm on. Enjoy!


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Thursday  29/11 19h Dir. Ricardo Nicolayevsky  |  72min . digital . 1982-1985 . EUA/México     Ricardo Nicolayevsky, multi-disciplinary artist, was born in México Ciry in 1961. He moves to New York in the early 1980’s to study film and there he begins his “Lost Portraits” series. Nicolayevsky’s portraits, shot between 1982-85 in New York […]

A IV Semana se aproxima (e traz boas novas)

November 15th, 2012  |  by  |  published in Notícias

We’re now on countdown – a few days from starting IV Semana dos Realizadores, films are almost all here and filmmakers are getting ready to their screenings. Soon we’ll announce also the programming of the first Semana in São Paulo.


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Friday  23 Nov / 19h Dir. MIGUEL RAMOS  |  19min . digital . 2012 . SP Young engineer, Cristóvão meet Joana, a image technician. Together, they walk through their spaces, trying to share experiences and testing limits. But despair round, silent. Producer: CTR,  ECA-USP Executive Producer: Miguel Ramos Produced by: Catarina Bassoti, Julia Alves de […]


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Thursday 29 Nov / 21h30 Dir. SOFIA SAADI  |  12min . 35mm . 2012 . RJ In the same rivers we are and we are not. Producer: La Niña Produções Executive Producer: Sofia Saadi Produced and Written by: Sofia Saadi Directors of photography: Guga Millet Editor: Rodrigo Lima Sound Mixer: Rodrigo Saldanha Sound Editor: Bernardo Uzeda Cast: Sara Antunes Rating: no one […]


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Saturday 24/11 21h30 Dir. CAO GUIMARÃES  |  71min . digital . 2012 . MG Otto is a film that accompanies the process of pregnancy of my wife and the birth of my son. Instinctive and visceral as a gesture. Intimate and confident as a filmed diary. A celebration to life, a film of love. Producer: […]


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Wednesday 29 Nov/ 20h30 Dir. ANDRÉ BRASIL  |  30min . digital . 2012 . MG A considerable part of the history of cinema has passed by through this screen, but at each screening it goes as if it was still virgin, before the beginning of all. The blank screen is an immense abyss made out […]


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Monday 26 Nov/ 19h Dir. MAYA DA-RIN  |  19min . Digital . 2011 . RJ They spend an evening together. The night falls in a hotel room. Producer: Le Fresnoy Written and Costume Design: Maya Da-Rin Directors of photography: Sylvain Verdet Art Director: Anna Wyrwa, Charlotte Dubois, Clementine Delval Sound mixer: Damien Tronchot Sound Editor and Original […]


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Wednesday 28 Nov/ 19h Dir. BERNARDO BARCELLOS, ISABELA MOTA, LEONARDO LEVIS, LUISA MARQUES  |  17min . digital . 2011 . RJ He came, once again. Porducer: Blum Filmes Executive Producer and Produced by: Bernardo Barcellos, Leonardo Levis Written by: Bernardo Barcellos, Isabela Mota, Leonardo Levis, Luisa Marques Directors of photography:  Lucas Barbi Art Director: Isabela Barcellos Costume […]


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Saturday 24 Nov 21h Dir. GUSTAVO BECK  |  20min . 35mm . 2012 . RJ A legend tells that Zvončari scared away invading Tatars or Turks. According to the legend the shepherds put masks on their heads, belted on bells, and produced a deafening noise that scared the enemy away. Producer: If You Hold a […]